Use all the services available to you!

We’ve all looked at the increasing costs that come with attending a university.  Tuition and fees have gone up while financial aid has remained at a standstill.  However, have you looked at your account?  Checked where all the fees the university charges are going.  Most students aren’t taking advantage of using the services for which they already paid at the beginning of the semester.   Here’s some that most students are unaware of:

1. Student Services –  Covers the cost of student services that directly involve or benefit students.

2.  Intercollegiate Athletics- Covers the cost of UNT athletics programs.

3. Student Union – Collected from each enrolled student for the purpose of operating, maintaining, improving and equipping the Student Union.

4.  Medical Services – Used solely to provide medical services to students enrolled at the university.

5. Transportation – Supports the shuttle bus systems that transports students to, and around, various locations on campus.

I haven’t listed all the services that are available to you for “Free” once enrolled.  Make sure you use them, after all they are all there to help you as a student.
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