Areas of Improvement II

Another change, I would  like to see at the Union is more space dedicated for Student Organizations to use.

Student Organizations currently have the option of applying for offices in Student Activities but they are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.  The offices have to be cleaned out for the summer and reapplied for the next school year.

We need designated areas where student organizations, who don’t have houses on greek row, can store materials for all their members to use all year long.  The lack of offices makes having events difficult when members have to arrange to bring specific items ahead of time and find a temporary place for storage.  I would like to see cubicles or small offices that an organization can claim for infinite period of time.  To ensure organization were actively using their space, a sign in sheet could be filled out or student id’s scanned.

Some of the areas I really liked were from visits to other Unions, check these out:

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