Most college students believe their degree is a valuable investment, according to poll

Although today’s college students expect less of a beneficial outcome than previous students in terms of their college careers, a recent poll proves that the majority of college students feel that their time, effort, and investment in college education will be worth the sacrifices in the long run and throughout the future.

As unemployment rates affect the nation’s workforce and many college educated men and women are having rough times in employment opportunities, most students, despite the recent trends, have faith that their education will provide a promising future that was worth the investment.

The Washington Post article states, “Despite the many reported problems, there is a consensus that a college degree helps people develop intellectually, as well as expands job skills and opportunities.”

However, is this only a delusion of what lies ahead for college students today? Are students finding a false sense of security within their future? Undoudbtedly, higher level education has the capability to provide students with, as the article stated, intellectuality, job skills, and opportunities, but it is uncertain how valuable college education will become in the near future.

According to the poll, most students feel that their college education is a good investment, but less than half of them expect to have a future that is more financially abundant than their parents and previous generations. Students may feel that their future is less promising than previous students’ due to current trends and alarming rates in unemployment.

Nonetheless, roughly three quarters of college students today still maintain faith in a college degree. Read the entire article here!