Find the perfect college job!

Full-time classes and a part time job will likely not be an easy feat. However, it will be a lot easier if you find the perfect job for your schedule.  A job in college can open many doors and be your first step in the door of your future career.  You might be able to get real-world experience while building future connections that might help you when you finish your degree.  Here’s a list for what to look for in a job so you can enjoy the benefits after:

1.  Look for a job related to your major – If you are an education major, look for a job in a daycare or perhaps as a pre-school teacher.

2.  Find a flexible job – Fit your job into your schedule.  Find one that is willing to work with your course load.

3. Make sure you are gaining life skills – Sometimes a job will help you in ways you don’t foresee right from the beginning.

4.  Look at work study jobs – Jobs on campus will be more flexible while providing you valuable insight on campus services.

5. Will you be able to network? –  It is said time after time, sometimes it isn’t what you know but who you know.  A college job might open multiple doors if your performance is stellar.

The list is just some of the things to look for when finding the perfect job. The things you value might go into effect as well.  Try to look at every job with an open mind to find all the positives.

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