Counseling Services at UNT

Counseling Services

Located in Chestnut Hall, Suite 311

Counseling Services

—What do UNT’s counseling services provide for students?

All counselors seek to identify illogical thinking and irrational thoughts that have led to unhappiness and other emotional problems. A counselor works with the student to make sense of particular issues in order to rationalize situations and manage emotional states. However, Counseling Services provide more than emotional and mental treatment. Counselors are also trained to help students manage various life problems, such as issues within the family, workplace, classroom, or relationships. All information shared during meetings is held as confidential.

UNT Counseling Services may refer a student to necessary doctors, therapists, treatment centers, or other appropriate and specialized areas of treatment that are outside of the campus, as Counseling Services are limited in specialized and long-term treatment. If a student is screened and recommended to seek more appropriate treatment, a counselor will refer the student to the necessary treatment center or doctor.

—How much do the Counseling Services cost?

Counseling Services are free to all UNT students. It is included in the “Student Services Fee.”

—How can I make an appointment with a counselor or contact Counseling Services?

Call (940)-565-2741 to schedule an appointment or by walk-in at Chestnut Hall, Suite 311.

 —What types of counseling are provided?

Counseling Services provide individual counseling to find solutions to emotional or life problems at the individual level. Likewise, group and couples counseling is also available to resolve issues and complications at the group level. One of the most valuable services, career counseling, assists students in discovering a career path that fits the student. Career counselors also help students find job opportunities and guide them through proper decision-making in order to follow appropriate career paths.


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Emergency and Help Contacts
Medical or Police Emergencies call 911
University of North Texas Police (non-emergency) (940) 565-3000
Denton County Police (non-emergency) (940) 349-8181
Suicide Crisis Intervention (Dallas) (214) 828-1000
Suicide Crisis Intervention (Fort Worth) (817) 927-5544
Rape Crisis Intervention (Denton County Friends of the Family) (940) 382-7273
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255
Rape Crisis Intervention (Dallas) (214) 590-0430
Rape Crisis Intervention (Fort Worth) (817) 927-2737 or (817) 927-4039
Family Violence Shelter (Denton County Friends of the Family) (940) 382-7273
Drug Hotline (800) 262-2463