Choosing a Major.

Many students entering college face the dilemma.  It isn’t a new topic amongst a university. When entering college, a student has to decide whether they should major in a field they truly are passionate about or the one that will have the highest return rate.  There might be downfalls to each choice but in the long term it truly is an individual decision.

Here’s some tips for when you are making your decision:

For the Love:

  1. Is this your passion?
  2. Would you be good doing this job for the next 30 years?
  3. Why is this area important for you?

For the Money:

  1. Are you looking for a career?
  2. Will you be happy in the long run?
  3. Would a career change in the future be okay?
The decision won’t be easy.  Sometimes family will come into play or situations beyond someone’s control.   In the end, make the best decision for you and not everyone else.  There is no way to assure that you will be satisfied if you chose a major you love or if you will make tons of money.  Especially with how much the economy fluctuates it, nothing can be guaranteed.

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