Dining Services at the University Union



So, how’s the food?  It may not be the very first question, but it is always at the top of the list when visiting a college or university.  Everyone eats.  Everyone has different expectations about food.  Some are in a hurry and need food fast, others simply want fast food.  Some people like to eat early, some like to eat late.  Some like it hot, some like it cold.  Some like the comfort of a franchise, others like to experiment.  Some are on a tight budget, others are more indulgent.  Some only eat meat, others only eat vegetables.  When someone asks, how’s the food at UNT, our job is to deliver the best food possible.  No ifs, no ands and no buts!

And we take our job seriously!  While food may not be the most important aspect of campus life, we believe that if students are not happy with food, then they are not happy with anything!  Food will play a vital role in the new Union.  Breaking bread together has always united a community.  Make sure your wants and needs are heard.  The early planning stages are just beginning.  Science has proven that food’s benefits are more than nutritional.  The right foods trigger the brain’s pleasure center, which leads to increased productivity.  Increased productivity positively impacts student retention and graduation.  So, get involved and help us plan the right food service for you in the new Union!  It is your future.

a message from Thomas W. McNease, Executive Director of Dining Services

We encourage each member of the UNT community to leave their input and comments in regards to UNT’s dining services as changes are soon to happen. Leave an e-mail or contact us on social networking sites!