Make a Difference.

Every student wants to make a difference at the university.  We will all do it differently but the goal is to be remembered.  If you haven’t already done that one thing to make you stand out from the crowd, here’s your opportunity.

For the next three weeks, you will have the chance to voice your opinion on the future changes for the Union.   Architects will be on site to meet with students and reveal the projected timeline with more detail.  You will have the chance to listen to the impact a new union will have on future students.

We would like to extend the opportunity to you to mold what the union will look like. Be on the look out for more information on times.  Meetings are scheduled from July 25th to August 12th.   Don’t miss out, it is your chance to leave an impact for future students. If you would like more information about the Union Master Plan, please visit: or on facebook,