Scheduling your Classes.

Every year during registration, there is at least a few hundred students on campus stressing out about choosing the perfect class or professor.  How many classes to take, working around a job and having enough free time is a main concern.  I’ve been guilty plenty of times of signing up for an early class saying convincing myself that I would go to class everyday even though it was at 8am.  In many ways, I set myself up.

However, here a few times I’ve learned from it all:

1.  Don’t schedule classes that there is even a remote possibility that you might sleep through.  – If you always stay up late and don’t wake up til after 9am or 10am, don’t sign up for an 8am class even if you think you will devoted to it.  If you are falling asleep in the class, you won’t get much out of it besides a low grade.

2.  Decide ahead whether you need breaks between classes or you can manage back-to-back classes.  – I learned early on that I couldn’t take three classes back to back if I truly wanted to focus.  Some students rush from one class to the next in order to have the rest of the day free.   Others need breaks in order to take in what they learned and regain focus.

3.  Before setting up classes, figure out the exact time frames that you are able to take classes.  You need to consider work, organization meetings, study schedule, break times, etc.

4.  Take some fun/easy classes – Take advantage of the Pass/No Pass option that is offered early on in college.  If you want to take class in a subject you’ve always been interested in this is the time!

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