Meeting New People

If it is your first year in school and you begin to feel out of place because you are away from your normal surroundings, you are likely not the only one.   Every freshman has a period of time when they begin to feel homesick because of the vast changes.  It isn’t uncommon for this to occur but college is one of the best places to meet new people.  College friends are easy to meet and friendships tend to last longer because of the new found maturity in relationships.   The union and your dorm can be key areas for you to visit to meet people.

Introduce Yourself – It will likely be one of the hardest things to do especially if your shy but don’t let it hold you back. Avoid making snap judgements, give everyone an equal chance.  If you pre-judge someone, you might be missing out on having a really good close friend.

Get Involved –  UNT is a fairly large campus. There are plenty of organizations and activities that will be a good way to meet others with similar interests.  It will becoming easy to lock yourself up in your room but try to be outgoing.  You won’t get the full college experience if you don’t put yourself out.   Check out for all the organizations available for you to join.  I might suggest even leaving your door open if your in your room because it will be a sign that your willing to be social with others.

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