Higher Education Trends of the Decade

Things have certaintly evolved from the time when our parents were in school until now.  Technology has develops a record setting speed.  Our generation has brought about changes unforeseen to older generations. In the last decade, here’s some notable higher education changes that have occurred:

  1. Online Learning – Earning a degree online has gone from sounding questionable to a very common occurrence especially among families and  career-driven individuals.  People who don’t have the time to sit in a classroom after working full-time can enjoy the freedom of learning at their own pace online.
  2. Study Abroad – Since 2000, there has been reportedly a 60% increase in the number of students studying abroad.  It seems there has been a wider focus on students understanding the importance of the globalization of their career.
  3. Admissions – Using social media has become a common practice among universities attempting to recruit quality candidates.  Instead of sending mail postcards, universities tweet, text message and email students about why their universities is better.
  4. Career Education Explosion – For profit colleges have become very common. Sometimes, there are five or six in just one area of a city.  Students seeking to learn a specific skill set are given desirable options such as flexible class hours and promises of post-grad job placement.
  5. Student Amenities – Students are no longer sharing community bathrooms in college, some have private suites and share a common area versus one large room to be shared between all.  Pools, Gyms, and Kitchens have become the new must-haves.
  6. Two-year Colleges – The local county provided colleges have become popular because of the affordability.  Students can finish their first two years of college while getting a first hand look at what a college environment is like.  Record numbers of applicants have even forced some colleges to turn students away for fear of overcrowding.
The changes in higher education are likely to continue as students search for universities.  New demands from students are forcing universities to become adjusted to the new amenities and classroom styles that students are searching for. The UNT Union is a prime example because administrators are looking to expand the services provided to students among much more.

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