What exactly will the Union Master Plan bring?

Here are some of the more specific plans for the University Union…

1. New sustainable building: Construction plans are being made to remodel the current facility into a more sustainable and advanced building. This will help to decrease environmental concerns and prevent future repair costs.

2. New and more advanced technology and aspects of the facility itself: includes air, heat, plumbing, wifi access, and audio/visual equipment.

3. More dining options, space, and service: Dining options that fit the needs and wishes of the UNT community. More dining space for the growing student body.

4. Numerous adequate study/leisure spaces: More than what is currently provided. Larger areas.

5. More areas for group meetings, student organizations, and offices: Offices and meeting spaces reserved for student organizations and the rest of the UNT community.

6. Increased displays of UNT spirit, tradition, and pride: Includes visual representation, historical displays, and other symbolism to create a prideful atmosphere within the facility.

Check out the FAQ page for more details…