Tips for Incoming Students

UNT - Library Mall

In high school, counselors always recommend students take AP courses to “supposedly” get them adjusted to what is to come.  However, I think you don’t know everything about college life until you fully submerge yourself into the culture of higher education.   Here’s some tips to make the transition that much easier:

  1. Set your priorities – What are your goals for the semester?  What do you need to do to accomplish them?
  2. Use a planner – Time is precious!! Even if you think you might be able to remember all your assignments, it will serve a s reminder.
  3. Go to class – As days pass, it will become easier to skip class since there will be no one forcing you to attend for the class you already paid for. Don’t slack off, it will become harder to catch up.
  4. Make copies of everything you submit to any of the Administrative buildings for your records.  For example, if you need to turn in a verification form to financial aid make a copy in case they lose it you have proof.
  5. Become active on campus after your first semester.  Once your GPA is high and you’ve become adjusted with college is the time to participative.  Find your voice.
  6. Network.  Sometimes being successful in your current classes involves getting help from people who’ve already taken the course.
  7. Take advantage of study centers. Chances are some of your student fees are going to running these centers. If your having difficulty with a class, find help.  The sooner you do it the better.
  8. Study at your peak times.  If your a night owl who brain doesn’t function until 10pm, make sure your schedule your study time then.
  9. Know your learning style. Determine your best retention method to maximize your study time.
  10. Take time learning how to make inexpensive, healthy meals.  Go home a weekend and have your mom/dad teach you cheap meals you can make at your dorm.
The ten tips I listed are just some every college student should know.  There is no instruction manual for college though.  If there was, I would have jumped at the opportunity to buy it from Day 1. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and explore your options.

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