The Multicultural Center at the Union: GLOBAL COMMUNITY

Through a partnership with the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity, the University of North Texas staff and faculty have developed and maintained the Multicultural Center. This center is a key component within UNT’s attempts to prepare students for diverse work environments and respect for various cultures. The Multicultural Center’s initial goal is to teach students about cultures through involvement and to widen an understanding of the worldwide, global community in which we thrive. But what exactly does this center provide for students and how does UNT benefit from it?

The Multicultural Center is a product of UNT’s Equity and Diversity promotion. It coordinates programs, events, and educational methods that inform students of the multicultural society in which we live. UNT also holds the Office of Equal Opportunity which is the heart of the University’s efforts to prevent harassment, discrimination, and unethical behavior.

As stated prior, the Multicultural Center aims to educate students of the global community, but it is through its programs and services that allow for this. The Center plans, promotes, and presents activities and events during times such as Black History Month and other national times of recognition. It also maintains its own establishments:
-Ally: a support program encompassing the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities.
-The Alton and Renay Scales Ethnic Studies Library: a compilation of literature and other work related to experiences of different cultures and ethnicities.

So how does the Multicultural Center benefit UNT? Through its events and programs, it markets the University as an institution rich of culture, diversity, and respect for various backgrounds. With a large number of foreign students and those within the IELI Program, the University is clearly on a quest to become one of the most diverse universities in the nation. Establishments like the Multicultural Center assist UNT’s attempts by celebrating, cherishing, supporting. and educating the various cultures and backgrounds at UNT.

All UNT students are asked to report any signs of harassment, discrimination, or unethical behavior to the Office of Equal Opportunity located in Room #324 at the Union.

The Multicultural Center is on the second level of the Union in Suite #216
Phone: 940.565.3424 • Fax: 940.369.7262
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 305187 Denton, Texas, 76203-5187
Physical Address: 1155 Union Circle, Suite #216 Denton, Texas 76203
Hours: 8am-5pm

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