Information about Resources and Services at UNT for Incoming Freshmen

I will be entering my Senior year this Fall, and I have realized that there are some things I wish I had known as an incoming Freshman in the Fall of 2008. Over time, I gradually learned about the various academic and non-academic resources and services that the University of North Texas provides. I knew about them, but I never entirely knew what exactly they provide until recently. Here are a few resources and services available at UNT that are extremely useful for students.

1. Willis Library: UNT’s Library contains numerous resources to assist students throughout their academic careers. Here, you will be able to find appropriate literature and documents for research or other academic purposes. The library website also contains electronic resources that are searchable, able to be downloaded, and credible. This database has and is still highly useful for my own personal academic activity. The Willis Library also holds a huge collection of historical documents from newspapers and other forms of writing. The facility itself has an area for group work in which students may communicate without disturbing the opposite side areas, which are reserved for quiet, study activities. The entire facility contains computers with internet access, and there is a printing room.

Library homepage:

Electronic Resources Database:

2. Information Center: The University Union holds the Information Center on the third floor. Here, a student may receive information about anything regarding UNT, its services and resources, where to find an area, on/off-campus events, and virtually anything related to the institution. At the Information Center, students may also purchase tickets to events.

Info Desk phone #:


3. Writing Lab: I honestly have never used this lab, but after researching its purposes and services, I wish I had used it for every paper and essay during the past three years. This area offers free tutoring and writing assistance. The Writing Lab employs reliable personnel to review students’ essays or writings and assist students to improve their work and overall writing ability.

Writing Lab Webpage:

4. Career Center: As I am moving closer to my graduation date, this facility has become more important and useful to me. Here, a student can meet with a certified career advisor. This career advisor counsels students by helping them discover a career path and advises students in what they should be doing today in order to have a promising future after graduation. This facility also employs reliable individuals that assist in resume writing and reviewing. UNT alumni use the Career Center to find jobs by seeking assistance from advisors or attending career fairs.

E-mail the Career Center for ANY questions regarding career advising. VERY useful facility at UNT.

or call 940.565.2105

Career Center website: