Everlasting Change.

Each year students enroll in college aiming for one goal: success.  With such an everlasting changing economy, how is it possible to achieve it? Adapting has become one of the tasks college graduates have had to do.

In the last 40 years, technology has played a large role in students ability to obtain post-secondary degrees. More and more schools have made online courses readily available for students and thereby making education more accessible amongst everyone. It has become increasingly evident that more students are obtaining degrees in fields that have been projected to go grow.

Trends have shown that the most popular degrees in the past four decades have been in:

  • Business
  • Social Science
  • Health & Nursing
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • The Arts
  • Computer Science
Business has increased in popularity due to the high demand for workers who can understand all aspects of an organization.  Times have certaintly changed since the 1970’s when Education ranked #1. But the most notable change was in the field of Health & Nursing. Since 1970 there’s been a drastic increase from about 25,000 to approximately 225,000 due to Nursing becoming the largest industry in health care.
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