The Master Plan Committee and what they are actually doing

As I sat amongst the Master Plan Committee during a meeting a last week, I could not help but to evaluated the true objectives and purposes of this team. All objectives and plans may be written and expressed on formal documents, but all of which may be modulated and reconsidered during meetings such as this particular Committee meeting.

The Master Plan for the Union is planning for an investment. It is an investment in new facilities, areas, and student resources. The goal of the Committee is to reinvent the UNT University Union. Keep in mind that this particular committee is planning and coordinating renovations for the Union only, not the entire UNT-Denton campus.

I sat quietly during this meeting as I observed each member express ideas and propositions, but are they proposing their ideas and conversations with respect to the formalized objectives and vision of the original Master Plan? In my opinion, I would say definitely so. Each member expressed their thoughts and ideas with the intent to advance the facility and assess the needs of students. Various suggestions and proposals were presented by Committee members, and all were considered.

As stated by the Master Plan webpage, the Plan defines itself as “an effort to review the needs of the UNT campus community in order to best serve them through programs and services that are offered in their University Union.”

I undoubtedly agree that the Committee plans, assesses the needs of the community, and coordinates its efforts with respect to that definition. The Committee meeting, which I attended and observed last week, proved that the team thoroughly understood and grasped the objectives and purposes of the Master Plan Project.

So what are the actual goals and objectives of this team and are they working properly towards meeting the expectations of the project?

Any information about the Plan’s objectives and goals can be found on the webpage:

However, I’ll explain what is expressed on the webpage and what it says in regard to for the UNT community. It is a true turnaround for the facility, as the UNT University Union, which has been around for over 40 years, will eventually become more advanced place for students and the rest of the community to find valuable, comfortable, and central to campus events and programs. The University of North Texas student body is growing, the University as a whole is becoming more renowned, and the University’s facilities are expanding and being renovated in accordance to the University’s expansion. The Union Master Plan Committee is a true example of coordination and planning with respect to the expansion of the University. Their goal in my own words: Make the Union adapt to the expansion of the University that holds it.

The Union Master Plan webpage describes an ideal Union, “…As the center of the college community life, the union complements the academic experience through an extensive variety of cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs. These programs provide the opportunity to balance course work and free time as cooperative factors in education.”

The Union Master Plan committee is coordinating and planning in accordance to the Plan’s original goals and intentions, in order to make the University Union a center for community life, a student-centered organization, and a primary area of activity.

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