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The University Program Council is here to provide the most exciting entertainment, education, awareness, and social interaction to the entire student body. Here at UPC, we are always seeking committed volunteers to help assist with our programs. Within our organization, we have our own volunteer board known as the BLOB. The BLOB represents a group of diverse volunteers within UPC who help promote and build the brand of the organization while developing skills in leadership, service, teamwork, communication and self-improvement.

Within the volunteer board, we have different committees that were established in order to fit the different interests of our volunteers such as marketing, films, membership, hot topics, etc. Not only will the BLOB allow you first hand access to the exclusive programs that UPC puts on, but a volunteer will also have the chance to have tons of fun, make new friends, gain volunteer hours, and even allow you the potential to become a leader around your UNT campus.

Any UNT student can sign up to become a member of the BLOB. To sign up, please stop by the UPC office in the University Union Rm. 216-O and grab a volunteer  form from the front desk receptionist.