Being a full-time student who is involved and holding a job is difficult. Some students are fortunate enough to only attend school. While others students who want the full college experience of living on campus, becoming part of many organizations need a job to cover their daily expenses.  Work and school can become a balancing act for most.

In order to ease stress, there’s three key steps that you can follow:

  1. Define your priorities/sights
  2. Schedule
  3. Take Action and Learn how to juggle your priorities

Time management skills become extremely important. The first step is to decide what is important to you and why. From there, you can schedule your daily tasks on the basis of importance.  Once you have a schedule, you can take action.  It is important to learn to stick to your plans but leave room for changes every now and then.

When I first entered college, I wanted to participate in many organizations but because of my work schedule I was unable to do so.  I decided that work was had a higher priority for me than being active.  I became active in organizations when I was able to manage between attending school and working.  I’ve become heavily reliant on a planner and to-do lists. I leave time in my days for “me” time.  I’ve learned to give myself a break to just watch an episode of my favorite TV show in order to get some relief.