7 Things students should know about their University Union

1. Music Performance

Each music program, band, or group in affiliation with a University should have opportunities to showcase their talents or simply have a means of performing for the community. As the University of North Texas’s music and jazz programs are some of the most notable around the nation and even the world, the University’s Student Union provides these programs and groups with performance areas. Such areas include the One O’clock Lounge, where jazz and music groups perform while students and others are welcome to observe and admire. Possessing a widely recognized reputation, the music and jazz programs of UNT have more than enough reasons to proudly perform in front of their community. It is vital that these programs use the University Union as their primary center for presenting their talent and abilities to UNT community. The Student Union should be an ideal performance center for UNT’s talented musicians.

UNT student musicians performing for the public at the One O’Clock Lounge.

2. Art and Galleries

Like music programs, talented student artists should have an area to showcase work for the University’s community. UNT’s Student Union also showcases artwork by well-known artists, not just students. These types of opportunities make way for a new appreciation of modern artwork. Students are encouraged to apply for a chance to display their own artwork at the Union Gallery. Not only is the Student Union a place for showcasing artistic talent, it is also an area in which UNT art students may participate in art fairs and auctions. Groups, such as the Clay Guild, can use the Union for the purpose of promoting, selling, or auctioning artwork. The Courtyard in the Union is a common area in which these sorts of promotions and events occur.

Art gallery at the UNT Student Union


3. Student Organizations

Many student organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, use the University Union as the main center for promotion, fundraising, and other events. Student organizations are encouraged to register at the Union in order to set up an area in which to promote whatever the purpose may be. Student organizations use the Union for multiple purposes: fundraising, charity events, promotion of the organization, etc. However, the events put on by these organizations are not limited to only those purposes. The Union allows these groups to reach the UNT community, in a physical sense.

4. Information Center

The Student Union holds an office area (titled and visibly marked “Information Center”) where students and non-students may find out information and details about events, ticket sales, what is happening on and off campus, or simply the University itself. It allows students to become informed about the resources and services provided at UNT. Students can purchase tickets to events hosted by UNT or UPC at the Information Center, and they may also learn to know what sort of entertainment, performances, and events happen at the Union.

The Information Center is located on the third floor of the Union. Call 940-565-3805 for details and information on anything related to UNT!

5. Dining

A wide variety in dining options is held at the Student Union. The Union provides a huge assortment of dining locations, which offer food and drinks appropriate for virtually any diet. One such specialty retail location is Green Mountain Coffee, which sells pure organic coffee. The Campus Chat holds Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, University Burger Co., and other retail dining establishments/items. At the “Corner” of the Union, Boar’s Head Deli and Beth Marie’s Ice Cream also provide their dining items to UNT students.

The Campus Chat is also a large cafeteria.

6. Lounge and Study Areas

UNT’s Student Union provides numerous areas meant for lounge, studying, group work, or the use of the public TV’s and computers. Chairs, computers, couches, tables, and outdoor benches/tables fill the vicinity of the Union. One specialized area, the Syndicate, provides an area with chairs, lounge spaces, and computer work stations. This dim-lighted area also holds Einstein Bros. Bagels.

7. History and Tradition

A student union should also be a chief location for symbols and displays of history, spirit, and pride. UNT’s Student Union displays a few different symbols of spirit and artifacts of history throughout the facility: highlighted displays of the UNT Fight Song, the Centennial Clock, the Curfew Bell, and others. These displays and symbols reinforce the history, spirit, and tradition of the UNT community.

UNT Fight Song

Centennial Clock

Curfew Bell