School Pride. Why is it important?

School pride is not just wearing your university’s colors.  It is a vast combination of things but most importantly a way of belonging to something much greater than yourself.   School pride means buying into the overall university mission and thus renewing your commitment for your education.  It is extremely contagious and can serve as a means of recruitment for other students. Wearing your school colors and saying “Go Mean Green” is just the beginning of it all.

Although, I’ve never had school pride come naturally to me. I can say I’m proud of being a UNT student.  I’ve always been hesitant to represent anything until I knew everything about it.  My school pride at UNT developed based on my experiences and friendships at the school, after I gained a sense of belonging.  When I first stepped foot at UNT, I knew there was something different in comparison to the school I transferred from.  I saw more students wearing UNT gear, living on campus, and actively participating at all times of the day than I had ever seen before.  I was always in search of this before. I wanted to be proud of everything I contributed in return for a great education.

Why is school pride important?  Well, school pride plays a large role in maintaining and improving a university’s environment, such as the programs and activities available for all.  If students want a university to improve areas, they have to show the good things coming from the resources already in place. School Spirit, in many ways, is a qualitative measure of how well the school is doing as far as students desire to attend and participate.   The more students willing to participate, the more the staff can verify that the programs being set are effective.  As students, our commitment to our school also shows that one day we will be willing to contribute to our Alma Mater and give back to future generations of scholars.

When we bleed green and white, we essentially show our love and devotion to the education we are receiving.