Be a Student Leader.

Imagine the scenario.  You’re new to college, want to meet a group of friends, get involved, and become well known throughout campus.   How do you adjust to your new school, get good grades and be involved?  

Well you’re not the only one in search of this.  Year after year, students come to UNT  looking to become well adjusted with the “new” college life they’re encountering.  They aren’t sure of how to do everything they have dreamed of while also having stellar grades.

Personally, I’ve found that leadership is so much more than just being the president of every other organization on campus. Leadership to me means you’re willing to put your personal feelings aside to do what is better for everyone and spending countless hours promoting something you believe in. Being influential is by no means an easy feat sometimes it takes years. Since my first semester at UNT, I decided to become involved.  I joined a sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma, on campus and held two executive board positions.  I found that commitment, passion and adaptability are just some traits a good student leader has.

At UNT, there are many opportunities to become a student leader but it is really important that first you recognize your strengths.  Are you willing to take action whenever needed?  Do you work well with others?  Are you optimistic?  All of these are questions you need to ask yourself. Remember, the important thing is not how many organizations but how you can positively affect the few organizations you decide to participate in.

Check out the following sites for opportunities to be a leader on campus: